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Oliver is fascinated by the human mind and the thought structures, emotions, relationships, and behaviors it is capable of creating and understanding. His focus is on adapting techniques from cognitive science to augment counseling interventions and psychometric assessments, while also developing and testing detailed formal theory about the nature of mental health conditions and counseling processes. Additionally, he investigates the impacts of neurocognitive structure and mental health conditions on individuals and on society as a whole, with the hope that this can provide an empirical basis for widening advocacy efforts. As an enthusiastic educator and clinician, Oliver believes in building foundational professional alliances with students and clients using humanistic practices.

Oliver Boxell, Ph.D.

Robert L. and Mary L. Sproull Fellow in Counseling and Counselor Education

Counselor Educator | Counseling and Human Development Researcher |

Mental Health Counselor | Cognitive Scientist

Department of Counseling and Human Development

Margaret Warner School of Education and Human Development

University of Rochester